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           For environment means people, through their quality of life and peculiarities, as well as nature itself: fauna, flora, natural resources, the ecological balance. All the time we conduct our business in order to protect public health and safety of our employees and the environment.
            Today the importance of preserving the environment is need to conscience of all the welfare and quality of life of each individual, the survival of man as a species. In recent years, this conscience is growing among people. . Small actions that are practiced simultaneously by the billions of people on the planet generate a sum more valuable government actions.
           Engage in actions focused on issues related to environment, review their habits, reduce consumption, reuse,   recycle (light, water, materials business hours and all the unnecessary consumption goods impetuous), engage in the proposals of his work and their community, to disclose all your friends the importance of the environment and what can be done, take actions to enhance the quality of work life and their community; Exercise your citizenship!
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